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Building Teacher Capacity to Develop Strategic Readers and Writers

Educator quality and student learning is undeniable, and is the primary goal of the professional development initiatives.

Building a Common Vision

A key goal for the initial training is to develop a collaborative culture and a common language to be shared by all teachers.


Implementation includes more in-class modeling and coaching, observations in other classrooms or schools, and continued study of research.


Building a learning community is the focus of the third phase to enhance sustainability in the project.

Building a collaborative environment

Building a collaborative environment where teachers feel safe and supported. Experiences and new ideas are shared and everyone is included as part of the team.


Building Teacher Capacity

Dr. Campanaro has researched and developed effective training methods to increase teacher capacity to improve student academic and reading achievement. Student’s reading ability, as demonstrated on the STAAR test scores and other measures of student academic achievement, were shown to improve in schools that have engaged in the professional development training. Anecdotal results and scientific research has consistently documented increased student ability to comprehend text, increase metacognition, and thinking.

About Us

“The Turn-Around Expert”

Dr. Campanaro is an author, researcher, and staff developer who is known as the turn- around expert because he has crafted and refined teaching and learning protocols that build teacher capacity to teach reading well. Schools that have engaged his services have experienced dramatic growth in student reading and academic performance. Many of the schools he has serviced received TEA Commendations for Reading.

The Literacy Group builds teacher capacity to increase students’ reading achievement and academic growth.

The Literacy Group’s professional development centers on building teacher competence for understanding and implementing the instructional structures and practices proven to teach students to become self-regulated learners-learners that think and problem solve. Moreover, through modeling, coaching, and interactive teaching, teacher capacity is built to enable all students to become self-regulated independent readers.

136,314 40%

3rd Grade Students Passing STARR Reading In Texas

145,957 43%

4th Grade Students Passing STARR Reading In Texas

148,506 42%

5th Grade Students Passing STARR Reading In Texas



"Dr. Campanaro has been a great mentor and guide to all Reading Teachers at our school. He doesn't tell us how to teach reading-he shows us real hands-on training with our students in our classrooms. Among other methods he demonstrated, he showed us how to perform think-alouds, effective mini-lessons, strategic small groups, and how to get students to think and problem-solve as they read. Most importantly, his method of teaching enabled us to achieve a score of 84% on the first administration of the STAAR Reading Test (Grade 5) in 2015 as compared to lower scores in previous years, and a mere 64% in 2014.”

Sabera Chowdry
Campus ELA Lead Teacher, Grades 3-5, Golfcrest Elementary School Houston ISD
“My students outperformed their peers in the regular English Classes by 50% in the STAAR Mock Test mainly by emphasizing many of Dr. Campanaro’s easy to imple- ment techniques to analyze text such as teaching students how to question the text to analyze at deep levels what the author is trying to tell us.”
Ximena Miranda
3rd Grade Transitional, Scarborough Elementary School, Houston ISD
“Because most of our students generally do well on the STAAR Reading Test, my staff and I felt that we knew how to prepare students to be readers and learners who would do well on the STAAR and in reading generally. But, after attending Dr. Campanaro’s workshops our teachers learned so much that we have become far more strategic in our teaching. This new knowledge base enabled us to raised both the per- formance of our strong readers, and those who struggled in the past.”
Jody Norris
SSI Teacher, Kerr Elementary School, Allen, ISD